A Beginner’s Guide to Trampoline Parks

Find out everything you need to know before going to a trampoline park

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Trampoline parks have grown so much in popularity over recent years. This upward trend does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. And why would it? Trampoline parks are a brilliant day out for children, families, teenagers and adults.


Can’t you remember how much fun you had bouncing on trampolines as a child? That feeling of weightlessness, as though you could fly. Well you can have that again! And, you can share that feeling with your children, your friends and even your own parents!

Not only are trampoline parks so incredibly fun, but they are a fantastic way to keep fit, healthy and encourage your children to do the same.

What are Trampoline Parks?


In simple terms, a trampoline park must feature a large room full of wall-to-wall trampolines, they might have other attractions, but the trampolines are the main selling point. A lot of popular trampoline parks even have trampolines covering the walls.


They are categorized as a Family Entertainment Centre (or FEC) and are quickly becoming this industry’s largest offering. These parks have grown so much in popularity that you will be able to find one in or near every major city in the world!


One of the biggest bonuses about the sheer volume of trampoline parks around the world is that they are a brilliant rainy-day activity. I can wager there’s not one too far from you (read 20 best trampoline parks to visit)!


This is a lifesaver for parents everywhere, as visiting a trampoline park on days when the weather prevents your children from burning off energy outside, will tire out even the most restless children.

How Much Do Trampoline Parks Cost?


The price of trampoline parks varies depending on where the park is, how old the ‘jumper’ is and what attractions are available. More than likely you’ll be paying per hour to use the trampolines, usually something around the $12- $18 mark depending on the day of the week.


Most trampoline parks are cheaper to attend on weekdays compared to the very busy weekends so if you are looking to save money, you should consider going on the weekdays as opposed to the weekends where the prices are a lot more expensive.


Trampoline parks usually offer discounts for military personnel and veterans. Check out Groupon or other discount websites before going, you never know what you might find!

Important! In addition to paying to use the trampolines, most parks will require you to buy special ‘grip socks. But don’t worry, these cost around $2.50 and can usually be used on any subsequent visits.

Watch This Safety Video Very Carefully to Avoid Injury

Who Can Jump at a Trampoline Park?

Most people can be a ‘jumper’.  Often the parks will have a junior room, for children below a certain height or age, and a main room.  The majority of parks out there also have special timetables so that toddlers, people with additional needs, and children who are home-schooled, can utilize the park’s facilities, without having to go at busier times.


Trampoline parks often have spectator facilities for those who are not wanting to ‘jump’. Some parks ask for a small fee for the entrance of spectators.

Another Safety Video

What Other Attractions Are There?

You’ll find a whole range of different activities at trampoline parks, besides the wall-to-wall trampolines, to keep your ‘jumpers’ occupied. Here are some of the fantastic offerings you might find at your nearest trampoline park:


Foam Pits and Airbags


These are brilliant for entertaining your whole family. They allow jumpers to try out new tricks and land on, or in, a soft area. Foam Pits are often a popular activity with younger children and toddlers, you might be surprised by how daring your little one actually is! 

Foam Pits and Air Bags are often set up with a runway approaching them, allowing the jumper to get plenty of air!



No, this isn’t normal dodgeball… this is trampoline dodgeball, which is way better! This is an entire dodgeball court made out of trampolines, adding a whole new element to an already fun game! Some trampoline parks even offer competitions in Trampoline Dodgeball, this is fantastic for those with a competitive streak.



Not quite a knightly as one might suspect! Trampoline Jousting often involves being stood on a beam and hitting your opponent with soft jousting sticks, trying to knock them from the beam (on to a soft landing, obviously). 


Ninja Warrior Courses


Now this is exactly as it sounds! Obstacle courses designed to bring out your inner ninja. Often attached to the roof of the building for added difficulty. These challenge your strength, balance and speed. Don’t worry if you don’t think you or your little ones are ready for such a big challenge, parks usually have different levels of challenge for all abilities.


Fitness Programs

Trampoline fitness is great! It has been said that it is better for you than running, with the added bonus that it is also incredibly, incredibly fun! Is there anything better than bouncing your way fit? I think not!


Is There Anything I Can Do to Prepare for Our Visit?

Yes, there are loads of things you can do to prepare yourself, and your family or friends, for your first visit to a trampoline park! The first thing you can do is to consider what appropriate clothing you have. It is important that your clothing is both comfortable and practical.


The best thing you could probably wear is your workout or gym clothes. Avoid unnecessary zips, buttons and anything that could get stuck. Remember, you will be purchasing socks when you get there.


Before visiting the trampoline park, visit their website. Most trampoline park websites have safety information on there for you to read and a waiver for you to sign. You must be over the age of 18 to sign a waiver for yourself. If you are taking jumpers under 18 with you, then their parent or guardian must sign this waiver on their behalf.


Only bring with you what is necessary. There is no point bringing your expensive sunglasses, mobile phone, car keys and other trinkets in with you as you will not be able to have them in your pockets when jumping. If someone in your party isn’t jumping, they will be able to save your things. If not, most sites offer storage lockers.


Avoid peak times if you want to be able to make the most of what the park has to offer. Going during the week or early on a morning can save you a lot of time!


In Summary…

A Trampoline Park is a fun and exciting experience for everybody involved! Take heed of the tips and tricks from this article in order to make the best of your experience. Remember to be sensible and stay safe while at the trampoline park. Follow any, and all, safety information given. It is there for your benefit. But most of all… have an amazing time!