Tempest Free Running Academy

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Tempest Free Running Academy Trampoline Park

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About Tempest Academy

The Tempest Free Running Academy is the World’s Number 1 Free-running and Parkour Training Facility!

It has four sites based in California and Texas. It is not your average trampoline park by any means.

The academies are geared more towards the sport free-running, than towards your typical trampolining, as it allows the free-runners to hone their skills in a safe, and soft, place.

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That doesn’t mean you are not allowed there if you just want a bounce around and a bit of fun, people who are not into the free-running scene are more than welcome too!

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Tempest pride themselves on offering real-world environments, where people of all ages and abilities can learn the basics of free-running or expand upon their existing skills, progressing towards advanced manoeuvres.



  • Open Gym

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Tempest Prices & Hours*

The pricing for The Tempest Free Running Academy works a little differently to any of the other trampoline parks we have included in this list.

Open Gym rates – where you can explore all of the fantastic equipment at your own pace and skill level – begin at $10 per adult session (16+) and $20 for a mixed open session (9+).

Private sessions, where you have sole use of the park, start at $100 per person for an hour, or $150 for 2 hours.

Two people for 1 hour would be $150, for 2 hours it would be $200. For 3 people for one hour the price is $175 and for two hours, $250.

If you would like more information about the pricing for larger groups you would need to contact the company via telephone or email, which can be found on their website.

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Tempest also offer a range of free-running classes. A single class/drop-in would cost $30 per person and you must call in advance to reserve your spot.

If you’re planning on attending classes more regularly then you can pay monthly with 1 class per week costing $90 per month, 2 classes per week, $150 per month and 3 classes per week being $180 per month.

If you are interested in attending more regularly then these monthly deals are definitely a better rate.


In addition to the monthly packages, you can also buy a 12 Week Prepaid package, which again brings the prices per class down. 1 class per week, for the 12 weeks, would cost $240, 2 classes would be $390 and 3 classes are $480.

This could be a really good idea if you, or your children, are thinking about getting into free-running or parkour.

Normal business hours for the Tempest Academy sites are Monday – Thursday 3pm – 11pm, Friday 3pm – 9pm and Saturday 9am – 5pm. Some classes or extra activities operate outside these times.

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Get Discounted Tickets on The coupon Site Groupon

Groupon is the coupon platform for all the major trampoline parks as they advertise there pretty heavily to get people in the door.

Groupon has discounted tickets that can help reduce the cost of entry to Tempest. Discounts are usually available for birthday parties, groups and more.

Birthday Party Prices*

Birthday parties are for children over the age of 5. If you’re thinking about booking a birthday party at one of the Tempest sites you can do this by email, telephone or visiting the site.

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Included within the birthday party is 1 hour of parkour instruction, 1 hour of games and open gym and 30 minutes for party food and cake (not provided by Tempest).

The prices are dependent upon the age of the guests. Birthdays for children aged 5-8 begin at $450 for less than 10 people. Moving all the way up to $1000 for 40 people.

The pricing for children aged 9+ start at $375 for 10 people and range up to $800 for up to 40 people. The prices may change every so slightly depending on which site you choose.

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Activities and Waivers

All of the sites have top of the range free-running and parkour apparatus which mirrors the outside environment. Tempest offers a range of apparatus for visitors to practise their skills at an appropriate level – meaning that there are some soft areas and some hard areas.

The staff there are highly skilled and able to offer instruction, coaching and direction regarding where is better for you to start.

In addition to the Open Gym facilities on offer, Tempest also offer progressive classes and coaching which follow their own unique Tempest curriculum! You need to reach a certain ‘level’ before you can progress to some of the more difficult classes.

It works on a coloured banding system which indicates your parkour abilities. Assessments for the bands take place every ten weeks.

You start at the beginner class and work your way up through the bands, and consequently progressively more difficult classes. The classes offer two options 9+ or adult. The bands work as follows:

No Band – Beginner class where you work on building strength and balance, whilst gaining all of the basic skill you need to succeed at free-running.

Green Band – PK All Day in which you begin to learn some of the technical movements and move from softer surfaces to harder ones.

Light Blue Band – Train Hard Kong Harder. Students will have already mastered skills such as vaults and will move onto more technical movements and bar techniques.

Dark Blue Band – Hardcore Parkour. This class focuses on advanced parkour movements and also introduces basic flips and tricks.

Yellow Band – Flip N Flow students will continue to refine their skills and concentrate on the flow of the moves.

Red Band – I Am Freerunner. This class includes integrating more new movements such as tricking, flips from heights and skills on railings.

Black Band – Tru Freedom. Dedicated to only the most advanced skills in free-running. This level focuses on executing the most difficult and complex moves safely and creatively.

Gold Band – Goldfish Gangsta. This is the final level where students begin to give back to their community by learning to teach others, attending jams and creating videos.

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Do not fear if you have younger children, there are classes available for the little ones too! There are two classes available and younger children even have their own little band system… how cute is that?

For children aged 4-5 there is the Kinderkour program (Silver Band) which helps children to improve balance, spatial awareness and co-ordination.


For children aged between 6 and 8 the Tadpoles program will help them build the foundation skills required to become adept at free-running and parkour in the future.

In addition to all of these amazing classes on offer, there are also Open Gym sessions for those who want to work on skills outside of the classes.

The monitored kids open gym is for young people aged between 9 and 16. Extra coaches are on-hand at this time to ensure that the children are kept safe and happy.

The mixed open gym session is for people 9+. This is a fantastic chance for children and adults to train together. This sounds like a fantastic, athletic family outing to me! There is also an adult only session available, for those 16+.

It is important to know that waivers must be signed by the parents/guardians of all minors (aged 17 and under) before starting their parkour adventure.


Tempest offers a much different experience than any of the other parks listed in this series. If you’re looking for something similar to the trampolining experience, or fancy a change, then this is where you need to be! Look no further.

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Visit Tempest Free Running


19821 Nordhoff Pl. Suite 115
Chatsworth, CA 91311

(818) 717-0525

3337 Jack Northrop Ave.
Hawthorne, CA 90250

(310) 644-7686


2620 Progress St. Suite A
Vista, CA 92081

(760) 305-8926


280 Commerce St. Unit 100
Southlake, TX 76092

(682) 477-4220





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