Sky Zone Near Me

Sky Zone Near Me

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About Sky Zone Near Me

Sky Zone Near Me was the first trampoline park with wall-to-wall trampolines, which opened back in 2004. The brand has a big focus on healthy, high-flying fun!

Sky Zone Near Me is continually pushing the limits of aerial action, inventing new and epic ways to play, gather and compete.

Sky Zone’s philosophy is that people of all ages need to play in order to have a healthy body and mind. In their eyes, you shouldn’t need to do a boring ten-mile jog to stay fit.

There are other, more fun, alternative. With a big push on socialization and a sense of community, Sky Zone Near Me is a brilliant place to go to meet new people and make new friends (whether you’re a child or an adult)!

Sky Zone Near Me Activities:

  • DodgeBall Court
  • Toddler Time
  • Wall Climbing
  • Arcade & WiFi Access
  • Basketball Court
  • SlackLine
  • Foam Pit
  • Ninja Warrior Course
  • Tumbling Tracks
  • Fidget Ladder
  • Battle Beam
  • Main Court
  • Zipeline

Sky Zone Prices, Hours & Coupons*

Sky Zone Near Me is probably the most high-profile trampoline park brand in the world, with videos of people such as Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart enjoying their facilities on their website (Visiting a Trampoline Park Near Me For the very First Time Read our Beginner’s Guide to Trampolining Successfully).

Price and Hours

The park is open Monday – Thursday 11am – 8pm, Friday 11am – 10pm, Saturday 10am – 10pm and Sunday 10am – 7pm. Prices vary depending on the activity and attraction you would like to participate in.

General admission is $16.99 for 60 minutes, $19.99 for 90 minutes and $24.99 for 120 minutes. Skysocks, which are required, will cost you an additional $3.00.

A ‘Heroes discount’ is also on offer for all military personnel (active or retired), police, firefighters, EMTs and teachers. If you belong to one of these categories, you will get 20% off your Open Jump. Afterall, not all heroes wear capes.

*Prices and Hours vary from park to park.

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Birthday Party Package Details*

There are a variety of different event options available at Sky Zone Near Me, including birthday parties, fundraising and group events. Sky Zone states that they offer an unbelievable birthday party experience, and I have to say, from the videos on their website, I definitely agree!

The birthday party package includes food, drinks, entertainment, your own private party room and your personal host. For birthday parties with fifteen or more jumpers, you would get a 10% discount. For a supplement, you are also able to bring your own party food.

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More excitingly, you are also able to adapt your package to include the ‘Glow’ option… you could have a glow in the dark trampoline party!

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Is there anything better than that? This package would set you back $35.00 per jumper.

If you’re not interested in the ‘Glow’ option, there are other ones available from $21-$31 per jumper.

All of the party options are fully customizable on the websites, giving you the freedom to make the birthday party your own.

Activities and Waivers

Sky Zone Near Me has so many activities going on throughout the week. These include: fitness classes, summer camps, overnight lock-ins and warrior academies.

The website has current promotions and discounts and these change on a regular basis, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

One thing worth noting for parents is that the Skycamp is $130 per week throughout the summer vacation.

It includes a whole host of instructor-led, age appropriate activities to keep your children occupied throughout that long vacation.

If you would prefer an option where you can spend time together as a family, Sky Zone Near Me caters for you too. In addition to the general admission, which is already very family friendly, Sky Zone Near Me also have Toddler Times on Fridays and Sundays (10am – 11am) and Saturdays (9am – 10 am).

This costs $8 per toddler and $6 per parent. This time allows your small children to discover a love for being active, without interference from bigger kids.

Some sites have their own Toddler Zones for parents and toddlers. Allowing them to have a break from the main attractions and enabling parents to not worry about their safety.

Sky Zone Near Me has a huge array of amazing attractions, some of which are slightly different between sites.

However, you can guarantee when you arrive there will be wall-to-wall trampolines, ninja warrior courses, climbing walls, volleyball, basketball and a Foam Zone.

Some new attractions include Parkour Blox, Tug of War, Sky Ladders, Sky Joust, Warped Walls, Sky Lines, Challenge Zones and Sky Slam. You will never be stuck for something to do at Sky Zone, that’s for sure!

You can sign your waiver online in order to streamline the process on the day, if you choose to do so.

You must be 18 or over to sign your own waiver, otherwise a parent or guardian would have to do it on your behalf. In terms of safety, Sky Zone Near Me have some very strict rules in order to keep their patrons safe and happy.

It’s nothing too crazy, and to be honest, it is something that sensible people would do anyway. It includes things such as empty your pockets, be aware of those around you, don’t land on your head/neck.


If you are looking for a trampoline park that places safety at the top of their agenda, then Sky Zone Near Me is for you.

That’s not to say that Sky Zone Near Me is not fun, in fact it’s adherence to their set of strict rules ensures that everybody, especially families with younger children, have a safe and fun time.

With sites all over the US, and many others around the globe, you’re bound to find a Sky Zone you fancy visiting.

Visit Sky Zone Near Me.

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