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Rockin Jump Trampoline Park Near Me

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About Rockin Jump Near Me

Rockin’ Jump used to be known as the Airbound Trampoline Park Near Me. It has turned very successful after many years in the business and some fantastic customer reviews.

It has sites spread all around the US. This is easily one of the best trampoline park brands in the world for a fun trampolining day out, with a little bit extra!

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The Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park Near Me philosophy is that exercising should be fun. More specifically, Safe, Clean Fun. Why should you commit yourself to boring workouts, when you can jump and soar through the sky?

This is the perfect place to encourage young children to develop a love of keeping fit and healthy.

Not only that, but Rockin’ Jump has created a social atmosphere which allows children and adults to make new friends, meet new people and mingle.

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Rockin Jump Park Near Me Activities

  • DodgeBall Court
  • Basketball Court
  • SlackLine
  • Foam Pit
  • Ninja Warrior Course
  • Tumbling Tracks
  • Wall Clmbing
  • Fidget Ladder
  • Battle Beam
  • Main Court
  • Zipeline

Rockin Jump Near Me Prices & Hours*

For general admission prices start from $18 for 60 minutes of Jump Time, $21 for 90 minutes, $25 for 120 minutes and UNLIMITED Jump Time for $27.99.

Monthly passes are also available, if you plan on visiting Rockin’ Jump more often, for $49. That’s an absolute bargain if you plan on coming back a few times!

Rockin’ Jump Near Me have special pricing for their weekly programs. Rockin’ Tots is a fun and safe way for little ones to enjoy the trampolines without the big kids getting in the way.

Prices for this program are $15 for a parent and one child to enjoy 2 hours of Jump Time. Additional children can also be added on for $5 each.

Every Friday Rockin’ Jump Near Me  holds a ‘Rockin’ Friday’ event where they use strobe lighting, black-lighting and play some awesome music!

They recommend that you wear white or neon colours to get the full effect from the black-lights, making your evening even brighter!

The price for this is $19 per person for 2 hours of Jump Time.

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Saturday evenings are also very special at Rockin’ Jump Near Me. Saturday is the night where After Dark events take place.

This is the ‘all ages’ open jump night – where you and your family can enjoy a fitness competition disguised as fun! The price for this is $20 per jumper for 2 hours of After Dark fun!

Opening times for the sites may vary slightly, so it’s worth checking out the website of the park you wish to visit first. However, generally these are the open times:

Rockin’ Jump Near Me HOURS

Monday – Thursday: Rockin’ Tots

(6 and under) – 9am – 11am. Open Jump (all ages) – 11am – 9pm.

Friday: Rockin’ Tots (6 and under) – 9am – 11am. Open Jump

(all ages) – 11am – 9pm. Rockin’ Fridays (Ages 11-17) – 9pm – 11pm.

Saturday: Open Jump (all ages) – 11am – 9pm. After Dark

(all ages) – 8pm – 10pm.

Sunday: Open Jump (all ages) – 11am – 9pm.

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Birthday Party Package Details*

Rockin’ Jump Near Me offer three main birthday packages. The Silver package (Monday to Thursday – $279/ Friday to Sunday $329) includes 10 jumpers, 2 pizzas and 2 pitchers, 120 minutes of Jump Time, private party room, private games, Rockin’ Jump shirt and a game card for each jumper.

The Gold package (Monday to Thursday – $399/ Friday to Sunday – $449) includes 15 jumpers, 3 pizzas and 3 pitchers, in addition to the other perks of the Silver package.

The Platinum package (Monday to Thursday – $509/ Friday to Sunday – $559) includes 20 jumpers, 4 pizzas and 4 pitchers, as well as all the other fun things in the previous packages.

In addition to birthday parties, you can book group events at Rockin’ Jump Near Me for various reasons… it doesn’t have to be a birthday to get a group of people together and have a blast!

Rockin’ Jump can accommodate groups of people from 15 to 300! All you need to do to get a quote for this is to fill in the form on their group website.

This is ideal for end of year parties, field trips, church groups, team parties or even just because!

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*Prices differ from park to park

Birthday Party

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Birthday Party

Rockin’ Jump Near Me Activities & Waivers

Rockin’ Jump sites have some amazing attractions and activities that will get both children and adults ready to let off some steam! In addition to the wall-to-wall trampolines, the staple of every trampoline park, it also has a dodgeball area, a slam dunk zone and a stunt bag area.

It gets much more exciting from there… with vertigo climbing walls, ninja courses, x-beam (jousting), an Aerial Skills area, a slack line and a traverse wall, there is something for everyone!

Bonus, all of the attractions are included in your admission price, so no need to be paying for extra options to keep your children happy!

In order to use any of the attractions at Rockin’ Jump you must sign a waiver. People under the age of 18 need one to be signed on their behalf by a parent or guardian.

Rockin’ Jump Near Me has some very strict rules in place to keep all of the users safe and happy.

These include things such as; no jumping under the influence of anything, no objects in pockets, no jewellery and no foul language… pretty basic rules.

There is a fantastically useful video on the Rockin’ Jump website that it might be useful to share with children before visiting the site. It is quick and easy to watch but will help to keep everyone safe: JumpSafe.

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Rockin’ Jump Near Me is a family friendly brand that incorporates cleanliness and safety above all else.

With young children and families in mind, Rockin’ Jump have created great place for all the family to come and exercise, without realising that’s what they’re doing!

Visit Rockin Jump Near Me.

Rockin Jump Home

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