Business Ownership Opportunity: Invest in a Trampoline Park in The USA

Here at TrampolineParkDepot.con we know how expensive starting a trampoline park can be. That’s why we’ve dedicated this page for entrepreneurs, who are looking for business partners (foreign investors are welcomed).

Currently we have one entrepreneur in the United States, who is seeking a foreign investor(s) that can help finance a trampoline park, laser tag and a cosmic golf  entertainment facility.

This entrepreneur is offering ownership opportunity to anyone, including foreigners who is interested. Fill out the form below, if you’re interested in speaking with this entrepreneur.

Earning Potential

Trampoline Parks in the US are very popular, and the earning potential is very lucrative around 2-4 million per year. If you are interested in becoming an investor, complete the form below, and we will connect you with this entrepreneur.

Investment Amount Needed

The investment needed to start this park from ground zero to opening day is around 1.5 million dollars. If you’re interested in investing in a trampoline park in U.S., but don’t want the hassle of running it yourself, fill out the form below to become an investor.

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