Freefall Trampoline Park review, hours, price, birthday parties

Freefall Trampoline Park is another unique site, with only one location. If you’re ever in the Pennsylvania area, you’re in for a treat! It has a huge 33’00 square feet of trampolines, which are positioned wall-to-wall.

It also has an airbag, basketball, a battle game and a mechanical bull! Sounds amazing, right? Freefall is the largest indoor entertainment centre in Leigh Valley and is full of exciting things to do for the whole family!

It has fantastic facilities for parents, who aren’t too keen on the adrenaline fueled attractions, including comfortable seating and WiFi. So, if you’d rather sit back and relax and let your children burn off some energy, this is the one for you!

Price and Hours

Monday – FridayKid Freefall (Ages 0-6)10am-12pm

Open Jump (All Ages)12pm – 9pm
1st & 3rd TuesdaysOpen Jump (All Ages)12pm-4pm

Open Jump (All Ages)6pm – 9pm
SaturdaysKid Freefall (Ages 0-6)9am-11am

Open Jump (All Ages)11am – 9pm
SundaysKid Freefall (Ages 0-6)9am-11am

Open Jump (All Ages)11am – 7pm

In addition to the times above, Freefall also have some Special Jump Times: Friday and Saturday nights between 9pm and 11pm is Club Freefall (for all ages) where the park gets turned into a family-friendly nightclub!

For families with children with additional needs, Freefall have a Special Needs Night on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. This is perfect for parents of children with special needs, as it helps to create that support network. 

Mondays, between 6pm and 9pm are family nights at Freefall. This is a fantastic idea for you to have some quality family time and get fit and healthy in the process!

General pricing for people over 7 years of age starts at $9 for 30 minutes, $14 for 60 minutes, $18 for 90 minutes and $23 for 120 minutes. For children 6 years of age and under pricing starts at $6 for 30 minutes, $9 for 60 minutes, $14 for 90 minutes and $18 for 120 minutes.

This price will include the main court, Air Bag, Dodgeball, Battle Beams and Dunk Hoops. It is worth noting here that the jumpers are all separated by height… those over 46’’ jump on the main court and those below will use the Kiddie Court. For health and safety reasons, Freefall will stick rigidly to this rule.

Some of the attractions, Extreme Air and Meltdown, require an additional payment of $4. Special Needs Night costs $8 per person, per hour (including one parent or caretaker) and Friends and Family night costs the same, but with a minimum of three people attending.

Birthday Parties

You can book parties at Freefall through their online booking system. All of the packages include 10 jumpers (more can be added for an additional cost), jump time (with access to all of the included activities), access to the additional activities can be added on at $3 per jumper, 1 private dodgeball game, 1 private party room, a party attendant, set up and clean up, a gift for the birthday child, a birthday announcement and invites. 

The cost of the parties are detailed below:

1HR$199 (Monday to Thursday)$239 (Friday to Sunday)$15 (Additional Jumper)
$219 (Monday to Thursday)$269 (Friday to Sunday)$17 (Additional Jumper)
$239 (Monday to Thursday)$299(Friday to Sunday)$19(Additional Jumper)

You can also have a themed party for an additional $50!

Group rates are offered at an additional discount, depending on the size of the group. If you have a group of 10 – 19 people you would get 2$ off each jumper, 20-29 people would be a discount of $3 per jumper and 30 people or more would be $4 off each jumper. 

There is also an option to rent the whole facility in order to have a private event.  The cost of this is $1400 for 60 minutes and $1800 for 120 minutes. If you can afford it, what better way is there to experience the facilities? Should you choose to, you can also rent Freefall Trampoline Park for a slumber party! You heard me right, a slumber party! Depending on the number of jumpers you book, it would set you back between $1600 and $2400.

Grip socks are also available at $3 per pair.

Activities and Waivers

In addition to the fantastic wall-to-wall trampolines you can play dodgeball, basketball, enjoy the airbags and try out the rope courses! Remember, if you want to try out Meltdown and Extreme Air you will need to pay a little extra for this.

If you don’t know what Meltdown is, and don’t worry I didn’t either, it’s an eight-player action game where you have to duck under, and jump over, a revolving arm! Teenagers watch out, this is the one for you!

Waivers must be signed before you can take part in any activity. These can be completed online or in person!


Freefall is a fantastic option for you if you live near to the area or are just visiting. It’s a brilliant way to tire out your children if they have a lot of energy to burn.

The bonus comfy seating area for spectator is what makes this park stand out from the rest! You can join in with your children or sit and chill by the side… the choice is entirely yours!