20 Best Trampoline Parks in the U.S.

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20 Best Trampoline Parks in the U.S.

Trampoline parks are excellent, fun-filled places to visit whether you’re a child or an adult! The feeling of freedom is often the aspect that people find the most appealing.


After all, is there anywhere else where you can defy the laws of gravity as a family, whilst staying perfectly safe? Trampoline and adventure parks are increasing in prominence and popping up all over the globe!


Finding the right park for you might seem like a daunting job, but don’t panic… If you are looking for the best trampoline parks in the entire world, then you have come to the right place!

Whether you are planning a road trip, or wanting to stay closer to home, this extensive list will help you plan your next trampoline park experience.

Altitude Trampoline Park

With locations on three different continents, there’s bound to be an Altitude Trampoline Park somewhere you fancy visiting. Altitude are one of the big presences in the Trampoline Park Industry at the moment.


Most of the locations are in the USA, but do not fret, the Altitude Trampoline Park brand is expanding and opening more parks in areas such as the UK, Norway and Japan!


The majority of Altitude’s locations offer all of the amenities you could possibly want. This will include foam pits, trampoline basketball and dodgeball courts, in addition to the wall-to-wall trampoline pits that are the staple of any trampoline park.


Sky Zone Jump Park

Sky Zone now has over 200 locations across the world including the US, UK, Australia and India! The best thing about Sky Zone is that the parks continually have so many different attractions to choose from. This will always include a freestyle jump where the wall-to-wall trampoline fills an entire room, with no hard surfaces.


If you are looking for something a little bit extra, then look no further, as Sky Zone has a whole host of favorites for you to enjoy. Whether you like jousting, basketball or jumping into foam pits from high heights, there will be something for you.

Flight Trampoline Park

With 19 locations around the US and Canada, the Flight Trampoline Park franchise is growing. Flight Trampoline Parks are fantastic for youngsters, with their focus on ‘fun and family’, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer attractions for the other folks out there.



They offer a variety of different fitness classes as an alternative means of working out. Flight Fitness, with its popularity with adults and children, makes it one of the best trampoline parks in the world.



Launch Trampoline Park

Launch Trampoline Park has many locations throughout America, so if you’re American, or you’re planning a trip there, you’re in luck!


It has many alternative attractions that will allow people of all ages and interests to have a good time. Including laser tag, rock climbing, arcades, free Wi-Fi and, of course, a variety of different trampolining options. What more could you ask for!



Urban Air Adventure Park

Urban Air Adventure Park is more than just a trampoline park, which is why it made its way onto our top 20 list. In addition to good-old typical trampolining pass times, it also has a variety of different pursuits.


These include go-karting, indoor coasters, climbing walls, laser tag, bowling, rope courses, warrior courses, playgrounds, performances and tumble tracks. If you’re looking for trampoline fun, and a bit on the side, then look no further!

Get Air Trampoline Park


Focused mostly around America and Canada, Get Air Trampoline Parks also have sites in Europe and Japan. This park offers a huge range of purely trampolining related activities and attractions, including Knockerball, where you dress up in a huge inflatable ball and bump into other people and trampolines alike! If you are not interested in other attractions within trampoline parks, then Get Air will help you get back to basics.

Helium Adventure Park


The Helium Adventure Park is different than any of the other parks previously mentioned, in that there is only one of it! It is based in Wisconsin and offers a huge range of family-friendly activities.

It also has separate bounce times for younger children too, to help keep them safe and happy. With lots of attractions on board, you can easily spend an entire day at this adventure park.

If you like jousting, or throwing yourself onto an airbag from a tower, then you’ll be more than impressed with this site.

Freefall Trampoline Park


Freefall Trampoline Park is another unique site, with only one location. If you’re ever in the Pennsylvania, US area, you’re in for a treat! It has a huge 33’000 square feet of trampolines, which are positioned wall-to-wall.

It also has an airbag, basketball, a battle game and a mechanical bull! Sounds amazing, right? There are plenty of exciting things here to keep the whole family happy.

Tempest Free Running Academy

The Tempest Free Running Academy has four sites based in California and Texas. It is not your average trampoline park by any means. The academies are geared more towards the sport free-running, than towards your typical trampolining, as it allows the free-runners to hone their skills in a safe, and soft, place. That doesn’t mean you are not allowed there if you just want a bounce around and a bit of fun, people who are not into the free-running scene are more than welcome too!

If you want to learn some specific free-running skills, the instructors are always on hand to assist you in any way they can. They even have classes for young children to help them develop the basics of free-running and parkour early!

Stratosphere Trampoline Park

The Stratosphere Trampoline Park, Maryland, is great if you love both trampoline parks and ninja warrior courses. It has a lovely blend of the old and new, making it one of the greatest trampoline parks in the world.


Stratosphere has its own take on many of the common attractions, such as airbags and mechanical bulls. What makes it stand out though, is its innovative ‘bounce boards’ where you are able to practice your snowboarding tricks! So, if you fancy typical trampolining with a twist, this is the one for you!

Big Air Trampoline Park

Big Air has sites in California and North and South Carolina. It has a whole host of fun, family attractions, in addition to wall-to-wall trampolines. It is well-known for its fun obstacle courses, that will challenge people of all ages and fitness levels. If you’re near one of its locations, why not check it out!


Rebounderz Extreme Fun Centre

Rebounderz has sites across America, with even more opening soon. This family-friendly establishment has lots to offer! It has special areas for the little ones, in addition to a whole host of extreme trampoline activities.

Rebounderz prides itself on being a safe experience, with highly trained staff and ‘superior engineered’ trampolines. Safety first!


Fly High Adventure Parks

Fly High has five sites around the US. The sites have a very modern, clean feel and have lots of different attractions to choose from. This is arguably one of the best adventure parks for families, as it has lots of facilities for those wanting to stay all day.

Rockin’ Jump


Rockin’ Jump used to be known as Airbound Trampoline Park. It has turned very successful after many years in the business and some fantastic customer reviews. It has some activities that are completely unique to the site, including an aerial skills area, a slack line, traverse walls, vertigo climbing, ninja course and an x-beam area. This is easily one of the best trampoline parks in the world for a fun trampolining day out, with a little bit extra!

Elevation Trampoline Park

With sites in Oklahoma, the Elevation Trampoline park fits into the 20 best trampoline parks article, as it offers such a wide range of activities for people of all ages.

In addition to this, it also offers a huge range of fitness classes and training bootcamps. Some people say that these fitness classes are even better for your cardiovascular system than running, as they are super fun!

Planet Air Sports


Based in Florida, some say that Planet Air Sports is the best because it is so much more than just a trampoline park! Where else would you find a trampoline park, and a ski slope in the same building?

Here you can enjoy all the perks of a typical trampoline park and have a break on the zipline, or ninja course, maybe even bowling, if you do not fancy hitting the slopes.

Air Maxx Trampoline Parks

Located in Minnesota, across two different sites, Air Maxx Trampoline Park has over 10’000 square feet of trampolines, and three different sports courts. This means it has a lot of space to work with! In addition to the huge amount of trampoline space available, Air Maxx also has mini-golf, bowling and laser tag facilities. There is plenty here to keep your little one entertained!



Jumpstreet has parks across the USA. These high-quality parks are popular with children and adults alike. With separate areas for small children, these sites are fantastic for a day out with your family or with your friends. Many of the locations have won awards for their hosting skills, so if you are looking for somewhere to host your trampoline party, this is the spot for you!

Velocity Trampoline Parks


Velocity Trampoline Parks are fantastic entertainment for both children and adults. It has two sites based in Jacksonville, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina. The brand has recently been taken over by Flight Trampoline Parks, which are featured further up our list. But that doesn’t mean these sites aren’t still brilliant and unique. Watch this space for what the Flight brand decide to develop and change!

Sky High Sports

In various locations throughout the US, the Sky High Trampoline Park is fun for all ages! With super-sized foam pits, dodgeball courts and even a jump-time specifically for people with additional needs, everybody is catered for here.

Every location has a café and arcade so you can have a break from jumping if you need it! This is the one for you if you like a nice comfortable area to relax, whilst the rest of your family get sweaty!


With trampoline parks growing in prominence, and number, all over the world, it is important that you are able to find the right park for you. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly day out, or an action-packed day with your friends, there is something for everyone! Take your time and research the parks near you in order to find the best one. The aim of this article is to give you a place to start on your trampoline research journey and to let you know some of the more popular names to watch out for in your searches.

Keep at the forefront of your mind what you need from the site… Do you need it to have extra activities? Would you like it to have a restaurant, or a specific time for younger children? There really is something out there for everybody, when it comes to trampoline parks. And with their numbers at a record high, you’ll easily find one to meet your needs.