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FAQ: Can I sue Even If I Signed a Waiver?

The Top 3 Myths About Trampoline Park Injury Lawsuits

A Signed Waiver Will Sink My Lawsuit

This is one of the biggest myths that is circulating that you can’t sue because you signed a waiver. This is false and you can indeed sue.

personal injury Attorneys Are way Too Expensive

Most personal injury Attorneys work on a contingency fee plan. This means that will not have to pay until you win the suit.

I will Be Rich After Winning My Case

Lawsuit awards are very fact driven. They are based on medical & rehabilitation costs, long-term needs and many more complex factors.

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Best Trampoline Park Injury lawyers in texas

If you have been involved in an incident at a trampoline park where you were injured and it was not your fault and you have suffered a personal injury as a result of the jump parks’ negligence, it is important to contact an experience lawyer that have successfully litigated a trampoline park lawsuit case.

You can browse that list of lawyers below to schedule a free, no risk, impartial advice before taking any action. Below is an example of what a personal injury lawyers can help with:

  • Car accident Motorcycle accident Work accident Slips
  • falls
  • machinery fault
  • lifting accident
  • Public place accident Slip or
  • trip
  • Head Injury
  • Trampoline park negligence
  • Whiplash injury 


How About The Compensation?

The compensation that you will receive for any personal injury claim depends on several factors, including: how long the injury symptoms persist, severity of the personal injury, permanent, residual damage and more.

Got Injured at a Trampoline Park in Texas?
Here's Why you need a Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyer

A lot of people will seldom ask if it is necessary to consult a lawyer after getting injured at a trampoline park. By all means, the answer is yes. Although some people think that hiring a lawyer will only cause a lot of expenses but if you look at the good side of it, you will never have a hard time in dealing with your case.


Another good advantage is that you will be directed properly with the rules and regulations of the law. As a consumer, you might not be aware of the case proceedings in the court.


Some people who encounter simple personal injuries will better leave it unheard. This is not a good practice because you know that your rights are violated and so you need to fight for it. Keeping silent would mean that you do not respect yourself and


your right.


People skip this procedure because they feel that it will take a long time and increased expenses. With that in mind, the case is unsolved and you do not get the right compensation, which you were supposed to receive.


Not only you who are entitled for compensation but your dependents are can also benefit from the lawsuit but it will depend on the weight of the case and the personal injury.


Filing for a personal injury is not hard since the effect is obvious and it can be seen through the wounds and cuts in your body if the situation is still fresh. If you decide to file a claim, just make sure that you file it with an attorney as soon as possible so that the medical proofs and evidences will be easily approved by the court.


If you have filed the case but the accident happened months ago, you may find it hard to convince them that it was a case of personal injury.


The best thing to do is to keep noted and have your witnesses. if you feel that your rights are abused, you need to consult an attorney at once so that your case will be well compensated on the right time. You will also need it in the future, if there are bad effects in your body that might exist in the future.

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