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12 Planning Tips For Your Next Trampoline Park Visit

Jumping Park For Kids: Best 12 Best Tips

Trampoline parks are popping up everywhere nowadays. They provide a great way for families to throw parties no matter how the weather looks like. As a parent, you may be wondering whether these parks are safe or not. Since all facilities are not created equal, you should look for the best trampoline park near you. Here are the things you should do before your next jump park visit.

1. Fill out the waiver early

Let’s face it: safety is a major concern in trampoline parks. If you’re not careful, one flip may cause a permanent injury. So, before you allow your kids to step into the park you may want to review the waiver. More specifically, you should include important safety tips to keep the family safe. It gets better if a parent can complete the waiver before arriving. In some parks, you may be required to watch a safety video before you’re allowed to jump.

2. Avoid peak hours

When the weather gets chillier, most parents will be looking for an indoor activity for their kids. Although a park may be big, it also has its limitations. During school holidays, weekends, and peak hours, you have to wait longer to try an obstacle course or have fun in the foam pit. Think about it- only one person can use a foam pit at a time. If there some people in front, you could spend most of the time waiting. To reduce the risk of injuries, you should go to the park when there are fewer distractions.

3. Go to parks that offer reasonable pricing

If you have a big family, it may be difficult to look for affordable things to do. And because the price for trampoline parks is based on the amenities offered, you should find a facility that offers a wide range of activities. In most cases, the prices tend to go high over the weekend. To ensure you get the best deal, you should check the trampoline’s website. Pay close attention to the packages for families, groups, military, etc.

Even if you have the cash with you, you should never pay the full price. Get Air in Kaysville charges $5 for any person under 46 inches and $10 to persons over 46 inches. Your goal should be to get the best value for your money.

4. The clothing matters

There’s a dress code for every occasion. For instance, you can’t wear a tuxedo and go to the swimming pool. When visiting a trampoline park, you should wear comfortable clothes that don’t pose any health risks.

Women should wear form-fitting T-shirts so they don’t have to hold their tops when jumping. Avoid those strapless tops as they can get forced downward. Also, you should avoid wearing shorts and dresses because they expose your skin to plastic. That being said, the best outfit for trampoline parks is yoga pants. They are form-fitting and elastic to allow for free movement.

5. Don’t wear jewelry

When jumping in a trampoline park, you can easily lose jewelry and watches. They pose a safety hazard, so you’re better off without them. The first thing to do is to take the earrings off. They can get caught up on something and the experience can be a painful one. Of course, you don’t want to lose that bracelet, ring, or necklace at the bottom of the foam pit. Why not leave it at home?

6. Find a good pair of socks

Wearing your regular socks reduce traction and increase the likelihood of falling. If you care about your safety, you should buy trampoline grip socks. They give a sturdy grip and cover your whole feet. Perhaps, you may want to buy them at the park to ensure they meet the standard of coverage. A good pair of grip socks cost about $2 and can be used in subsequent visits.

7. Carry a bottle of water

Jumping in trampolines can be more physical than you think. In a recent study, the researchers found that if you spend more than one hour jumping on a trampoline, you can burn more calories than someone skipping for the same period. To get your heart rate up, you should hydrate. This could mean picking an energy drink at a café or bring your own bottle of water. If your water runs out, you can take the one on drinking fountains.

8. Leave valuables in your car or at home

While most trampoline parks will provide lockers, they may charge for them. There’s also the obvious fear that the locks may not be working properly. If you don’t want to lose your items, just leave them at home. You can also leave your phone or purse at the trunk of your car when jumping. At Get air, you’re discouraged to bring personal items past the front desk. However, you can still keep your personal items past the front desk as they are constantly monitored by a camera.

9. Arrive just a few minutes after the hour

Once you pay the entrance fee at Get Air in Kaysville, you can enjoy up to one hour in the trampoline park. While this is enough time to wear out anyone, you can pay more for a few extra minutes. The staff here use color wristbands to track the time. Those who arrive a few minutes past the time are given green wristbands. If you arrive 30 minutes past the hour, you’re given a pink wristband and there are chances you’ll be asked to leave. By just arriving a few minutes after the hour, you can be sure you’ll jump for more than one hour.

10. Kids should stick in their own area

Most trampolines have an area specifically meant for small kids. This means that parents don’t have to worry about accidental hits for larger people. At Get Air, kids below 46 inches have their own jump places. While some kids like to jump close to their parents, they are discouraged to do so.

12. Parent-friendly

All trampoline parks are not the same. If you want to sit down and watch your children have fun, there should be many amenities to cater to your comfort. Get Air has a café so it’s easy to kick back with a cup of coffee. The non-jumpers can also enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Helpful and attentive staff

In most trampoline parks, the staff is positioned throughout the facility to ensure the rules and regulations are followed to the later. As you relax and watch the children play, you can have peace of mind. Of course, you don’t have to worry that the kids are not in sight.

Are trampoline parks safe?

As trampoline parks explode in popularity, most parents are worried about their safety. These fun-filled facilities are common in cities and welcome kids and parents. But are they safe? Every year, thousands of injuries are reported due to improper use of trampolines. With more people rushing to blame these facilities for sprains, broken bones, and head injuries, this is an important subject to tackle. Before you take your kid to a trampoline to have some fun, there are a few things you should know.

Could this be an extreme sport in disguise?

While some websites refer to trampolines as inherently dangerous, this is not always the case. If you’ve been on the lookout, the parks will require the parents to sign liability waivers. According to Gary Smith, most of these injuries come from collisions. It’s no surprise that a small kid can bounce near bigger kids who lose control.

In a preliminary research conducted by Think Before You Bounce, jumping on a trampoline can be likened to downhill skiing, snowboarding, or full-contact football. With this in mind, trampolines parks can only be safer through regulation.


Critics believe the safety of the industry is questionable. Unlike amusement parks, these facilities are not regulated. While the International Association of Trampoline Parks has helped to develop the safety standards, a lot needs to be done.

Some experts are of the view that most parks are set up for injuries. It’s not a surprise to find trampolines with thinly-padded walls- but there’s an exception. Arizona has passed legislation to follow all the regulations in the parks. This doesn’t mean they are risk-free, but there’s a lower chance you could get hurt.

Safety tips and guidelines before you take your kids to a trampoline

There’re some steps you can take to ensure taking your kids to the park won’t end up in a disaster. Before you engage in any activity, you should follow all the rules set by the staff members. Let’s jump right in!

There should be instructions on safe jumping. It only takes one jumping mat to cause an accident. In addition to that, the rules should prohibit double bouncing or roughhousing – the kids should not be too close together. Yes, we already know that most injuries occur when two kids bounce when they are too close together.

A trampoline park that cares about the safety of the users should enforce a law of one square jumper at a time. To reduce the risk of injuries, trampolines should be clearly marked in 6-foot-by-10 foot areas.

The referees and adults should monitor their children all the time. When parents keep sight of the kids, it’s easy to prevent injuries.

The park should adhere to the weight and size limitations of jump places. Young kids should not jump with the old ones. Not to mention, kids below 6 years should not be allowed to use the facilities. Even if your kid complains, you should never ignore this warning.

All staff should be well-trained and certified

If the park has a foam pit, there should be a trampoline bed underneath. By following the above guidelines, the chances of an injury occurring can be reduced by a huge margin.

Kids Enjoy Trampoline Parks

Visiting a trampoline park is one sure way to let kids be kids. Children love Jump parks, a fact that any parent who has visited one can attest to. Many of the Trampoline Parks in our directory are great facilities with many different activities to choose from.

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